We offer testing of respiratory protective devices against the suite
of European and Australian standards shown in the table below.

Those shown below are not exhaustive lists, but do indicate some of our capabilities.

If you require testing to a standard not listed - or against your own bespoke specification - please contact us.





Complete devices Powered devices
AS/NZS 1716, Respiratory protective devices EN 12941, Powered filtering devices - helmets or hoods
  EN 12942, Powered filtering devices - full or half or quarter masks
EN 136, Full face masks Breathing apparatus : air-line or air-hose
EN 140, Half and quarter masks EN 138, Fresh air BA, masks
EN 142, Mouthpieces EN 269, Powered fresh air hose BA, hoods
EN 149, Filtering half masks, particles EN 14593-1, Compressed airline BA with demand valve - full mask
EN 405, Valved filtering half masks, gas & combined EN 14593-2, Compressed airline BA with demand valve - half mask
EN 1827, Filtering half masks without inhalation valves EN 14594, Compressed airline BA - continuous flow
Filters Breathing apparatus - SCBA and escape
EN 143, Particle filters EN 137, Self contained open circuit breathing apparatus
EN 12083, Non-mask mounted filters, particle, gas & combined EN 402, Escape self contained open circuit BA, full mask or mouthpiece
EN 14387, Gas and combined filters EN 403, Filtering devices with hood for escape from fire
  EN 1146, Self rescue self contained open circuit BA, hoods

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