We offer testing of helmets against a wide range of International, European, American and Australian standards.

Those shown below are not exhaustive lists, but do indicate some of our capabilities.

If you require testing to a standard not listed - or against your own bespoke specification - please contact us.

As a further service, we are now able to offer slow motion videos of impact testing.  These videos give very useful visual information about what happens to test samples during impact.  Such information is useful for both 'pass' and 'fail' results and for development work.
There is a small additional charge for this service.  Please contact our testing team for more information.  

Industrial & fire-fighting Equestrian
EN 812, Bump caps (scalp protectors) EN 1384, Equestrian
EN 397, Industrial PAS 015 / VG1 RfU 01.040
EN 14052, High performance industrial ASTM F1163, Horse riders
EN 443, Fire fighters  
EN 16471, Firefighters helmets for wildland fire fighting Cycle & skate
EN 16473, Firefighters helmets for technical rescue EN 1078, Cycle, skateboards & skates
ANSI Z89.1, Industrial ASTM F1447, Cycling & roller skating
AS/NZS 1801, Occupational ASTM F1492, Skateboarding & trick roller skating
  CPSC 16 CFR Part 1203, Cycle helmets
Public order  
PSDB 21/04 Public order (UK police) Sports
  EN 1385, Canoeing
Children EN 12492, Climbing
EN 1080, Young children play BS 7928, Cricket
SHARP Testing Programme

In June 2007, September 2013, September 2016 and again in September 2019, INSPEC was appointed as the official laboratory for the UK Government, Department for Transport's, SHARP motor cycle helmet testing programme.  During the many years that the programme has been running, we have tested more than 4,200 individual helmets and delivered detailed test results for over 19,000 impacts in total.

INSPEC also supplied the test equipment used for the programme, including design features to ensure that the equipment is suitable for testing full face, system, open face and off-road helmet types.  See our EQUIPMENT section for more information.

Click here to go to the SHARP website, which gives detailed information about the programme and an animation of the tests.


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