We offer testing of eye and face protectors against a wide range of International, European, American, Canadian and Australian standards.  

Those shown below are not exhaustive lists, but do indicate some of our capabilities.

If you require testing to a standard not listed - or against your own bespoke specification - please contact us.


Occupational eye protection   Filters for occupational eye protection
EN 166, Industrial   EN 169, Welding
EN 175, Welding   EN 170, Ultra-violet
EN 1731, Mesh   EN 171, Infra-red
EN 14458, Firefighters & emergency services   EN 172, Sunglare
ANSI Z87.1, Occupational   AS/NZS 1338-1 / -2 / -3, Welding / UV / IR
AS/NZS 1337, Industrial    
Sunglasses   Sports eye protection
EN 1836, General   EN 174, Goggles for downhill skiing
ANSI Z80.3, Non-Rx and fashion   EN 13178, Snowmobile
ISO 12312-1, Sunglasses for general use    
EN 14139, Ready-to-wear    
ISO 8980, Lenses    

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