Company news

It has come to our attention that a fraudulent company is attempting to trade on our good name and is misleading manufacturers and buyers in the PPE industry.

Please be aware that documentation from the following organisations, linked to the following websites, will not grant EU market access and could lead to fines and imprisonment:




www (dot)

www (dot)

www (dot)

If you are based in the EU and are offered products supported by such documentation, please report the contact and all information directly to your market surveillance authorities.

We have recently been made aware that criminal actors are spoofing one or more of the INSPEC email addresses in order to trick recipients into downloading trojans, viruses and or to gain illegal access to the recipients devices.

INSPEC International Ltd and its subsidiaries never invite customers to download files via a share-service / cloud-service – the documents we work with and produce are of sufficiently small size that they may be sent directly in email.

In the rare event we do need to send more extensive documentation via a share-service / cloud-service, you would be given advanced notice.

If you do receive unsolicited requests to download generically named reports, invoices, orders etc – please block and delete, and report to your IT security provider.