We offer testing of fall protection devices against a wide range of International, European, American and Canadian standards.

The American standard ANSI Z359.1 is under review by the technical committee - splitting it into many individual Parts.  Several Parts have already been published; other Parts are due to be issued soon.

ANSI Z359.7, Qualification & verification testing requires manufacturers of fall arrest and fall protection devices to have their products qualification tested in an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory before claiming compliance with any Part of ANSI Z359. 

Similarly, on-going verification testing of these products has also to be performed in an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory.

INSPEC is such a laboratory and is pleased to offer manufacturers qualification and verification testing to satisfy Part 7.

Witnessed testing

For manufacturers who use their own ISO 17025 accredited laboratory for qualification testing, this has to be independently witnessed.  INSPEC can provide appropriately qualified personnel to provide this service.

If you require testing to a standard not listed - or against your own bespoke specification - please contact us.

European American
EN 353-2, Fall arresters & flexible anchor line ANSI Z359.1, Hardware
EN 354, Lanyards ANSI Z359.1, Anchorage connectors
EN 355, Energy absorbers ANSI Z359.1, Lanyard
EN 358, Work positioning belts & lanyards ANSI Z359.1, Energy absorber
EN 360, Retractable fall arresters ANSI Z359.1, Self-retracting lanyard
EN 361, Harnesses ANSI Z359.1, Fall arrester & lifeline
EN 362, Connectors ANSI Z359.1, Combinations of the above
EN 813, Sit harnesses ANSI Z359.7, Qualification & verification testing
EN 1497, Rescue harnesses ANSI Z359.11, Full body harness
  ANSI Z359.12, Hardware
Canadian ANSI Z359.13, Energy absorber
CSA Z259.2.1, Fall arresters & lifelines ANSI Z359.13, Energy absorbing lanyard
CSA Z259.2.2, Self-retracting devices ANSI Z359.14, Self-retracting devices
CSA Z259.2.5, Fall arresters and vertical lifelines ANSI Z359.15, Single anchor lifelines and fall arresters
CSA Z259.10, Harnesses  
CSA Z259.11, Energy absorbers & lanyards  
CSA Z259.12, Connectors  


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