We offer testing of chemical protective clothing and suits, including respiratory protection, against a wide range of International, European, British and American standards. 

Those shown below are not exhaustive lists, but do indicate some of our capabilities.  

If you require testing to a standard not listed - or against your own bespoke specification - please contact us


Protective clothing against chemicals (including gloves) - Performance requirements
EN 943-1, Type 1a, 1b, 1c and 2 clothing
EN 943-2, Type 1a-ET and Type 1b-ET clothing
EN 1073-1 and -2, Protective clothing against radioactive contamination
BS 8428, Type 3-ET equipment
EN 14325, Test methods and performance classifications
EN 14605 (referring to EN 14325), Type 3, Type 4, Type PB [3] and Type PB [4] clothing
EN 13034 (referring to EN 14325), Type 6 and Type PB [6] clothing
EN 374-1, Gloves (see our Hand protection page)
ISO 3071, Determination of pH of aqueous extract
ISO 16602, Types 1 - 6 clothing
Test methods - chemical
Gas & liquid permeation tests:  Garment materials or seams, gloves.

ASTM F739 / ASTM F1383 / EN 374-3 / EN 16523-1 / EN 16523-2 / ISO 6529 / ISO 16602

We can perform tests against organic liquids and gases (by gas chromatography), inorganic solutions or gases (by electrical conductivity or by electrochemical gas detectors) and many other chemicals by ultraviolet/visible spectroscopy or by specialised wet chemical techniques.

ASTM F1001 / BS 8428 / EN 374-1 / EN 943-2 / ISO 6529

We can test for all of the chemicals listed in these standards.  Many other chemicals or mixtures can be tested, depending on their properties or formulation.

We have undertaken several bespoke contracts using this equipment and the expertise behind it, including many commercial formulations, eg pesticides, drugs, paints and petroleum based products.

Liquid pressure penetration tests:  Garment materials or seams, gloves. 

ASTM F903 / ISO 13994

We can test most organic or inorganic liquids, mixtures and commercial formulations.

Liquid penetration & repellency test ('gutter test'):  Garment materials.

EN ISO 6530

We can test most organic or inorganic liquids, mixtures and commercial formulations.

Test methods - physical

We can perform, in-house, many whole-suit tests, including visor, air supply, breathing apparatus and practical performance tests.  The whole-suit tests, and physical tests on materials and seams, that we cannot do ourselves we can sub-contract - thus providing you with a 'one-stop-shop' for your project.

We have recently extended our accredited scope to include tests for resistance to ignition and flame using the methods specified within EN 13274-4 Respiratory protective devices – Methods of test – Part 4.  These tests are referenced by the standards listed in the 'Performance requirements' section above.


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