Test - EyesInterlaboratory comparison schemes are available for testing performed on most items of eye and face PPE.

For an idea of the range of standards covered, please go to: 

Within each of those standards, we can offer interlaboratory comparison schemes.

ILCs Completed:

  • Protective spectacles, Refractive powers
  • Sunglasses, Luminous transmittance
  • Sunglasses, Wide angle scatter (Haze)
  • Sunglasses, UV/Vis/IR transmittance
  • Eye protection, Resistance to surface damage by small particles

ILCs In progress:

  • Polarizing sunglasses, Luminous transmittance

ILCs Planned:

  • Eye protection, Haze / Diffusion / Light scatter
  • Protective spectacles, UV/Vis/IR transmittance

If you require an ILC against your own bespoke ILC plan - please contact us.



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