Upon receipt of notification from a company that they wish to appeal against a decision, the Certification Manager is immediately informed. If the notification is not in writing, the company is requested to do so.

The Certification Manager informs the Chairman of the Governing Board and makes the necessary arrangements for the appeals panel to meet.

The panel meets within 30 days of the receipt of written notification of the appeal and the appellant is given at least 14 days’ notice of the meeting.

The appellant is advised of the constitution of the appeals panel, and the Governing Board considers any objections raised by the appellant. The Governing Board then decides whether or not to amend the constitution.

The Certification Manager supplies all necessary papers concerning the appeal plus any additional papers requested by the panel. The appellant may also submit papers to support his case before the meeting.

Both the Certification Manager and the appellant have the right to a confidential hearing during the meeting. Both parties have the right to legal representation.

The decision of the Certification Manager stands pending the result of the appeal.

The majority decision of the panel is final and both the appellant and Certification Manager are informed in writing.

Complaints can be received either by letter, email, via the website contact form, or verbally. On receipt of a complaint, the details will be logged and a formal acknowledgment will be sent by the quality manager. Any information relating to the complaint that requires clarification will be confirmed with the complainant to ensure INSPEC have accurate and detailed information.

All complaints will be investigated and, where applicable, corrective actions will be identified. Updates to the complainant will be provided as appropriate by the quality manager. Following completion of the investigation, a closing letter, confirming the results, will be sent to the complainant.