INSPEC has its own product certification programme to help end-users identify items of PPE that have undergone our comprehensive, independent evaluation process.

The IC Mark logo is shown alongside and includes the number of the PPE standard relevant to the certified item.

This certification will be awarded only to manufacturers of PPE that can demonstrate compliance with INSPEC's thorough testing, documentation and audit requirements.  The IC Mark has been internationally registered and the product certification scheme has been accredited by UKAS against ISO 17065.  Click here to view our UKAS schedule. 

The scheme requires products to be type tested against a recognized, specified standard and the manufacturer to supply detailed, technical documentation.  The manufacturer's quality systems must be audited and compliance with INSPEC's ongoing test and inspection plan is mandatory. After an initial factory assessment, the manufacturer will be subjected to regular surveillance assessments, as well as a reassessment every third year.

Product specimens will be regularly selected, during annual surveillance assessments, for further testing at our laboratories. The only product standards accepted as a reference for the IC Mark are those published by a nationally or internationally recognized standards body.  For manufacturers who are currently using INSPEC for their CE marking / ISO 9001 registration, many of the foregoing requirements will have already been covered.  Please contact our Certification Services division to find out what will be needed for your 'upgrade' to the IC Mark.

Our new IC Mark will help manufacturers differentiate their PPE products and add value in an increasingly competitive market. Our testing and certification services are recognized all over the world and the IC Mark will demonstrate that a manufacturer has reached, and can maintain, a consistently high standard of production.  As this is a voluntary scheme, it sends out a clear signal that a company is committed to producing safe, consistent quality products that are fit for purpose.

Click here to view a list of IC-marked products.


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