INSPEC has been working closely with the Safety Equipment Institute (SEI) since 1999. SEI is the premier certification organization in the USA for Personal Protective Equipment.

Their schemes cover a wide range of products and the SEI mark is recognized throughout America, in both industrial and leisure markets.  Their programs are accredited by both ANSI and the Canadian Standards Council, and are operated by a team of dedicated and professional individuals, located in McLean, Virginia, USA.  

Through the agreement that INSPEC has with SEI, we can help PPE manufacturers to obtain and maintain SEI certification, by both testing the products and performing the quality system audits, world-wide.  If the SEI participant (manufacturer) is also certified by INSPEC with respect to the PPE Directive and/or the Marine Equipment Directive and/or ISO 9001 and/or the IC Mark, all the audits can easily be combined, providing a significant cost saving.  


Summary of SEI requirements:

1. Application / Initial stage  
Upon successful completion of product testing, initial quality audit, confirmation of insurance and payment of fees, a certification letter will be issued by SEI confirming which models may have the SEI logo applied to them and the standard against which they are certified.
Submission of signed manufacturer's agreement, 2 copies. 
Submission of a copy of indemnity insurance policy demonstrating adequate coverage and inclusion of SEI as an additional insured party. 
Submission of a quality manual in English, describing how the quality system complies with SEI requirements. 
On-site initial audit of the described quality system, to verify that it has been satisfactorily implemented and maintained. 
Product submittal form completed, one per model, including product description.  Original to be sent to INSPEC / SEI. 
Test samples to be sent directly to the appropriate test laboratory, accompanied by a copy of the submittal form. 
Payment of the following fees:

- Application per model (one time fee)

- Annual participation

- Product testing

- Initial quality audit

- Annual per model certification

 2. Maintenance stage  
Surveillance audits to verify continued compliance of the manufacturer's quality system, thus: 
Initial frequency of 2 per year, able to reduce to one per year after 3 successful visits. (However, certification to an NFPA Standard requires 2 audits per year.) 
Annual selection of product specimens to represent each certified model, selected during on-site audits and submitted to the SEI-approved laboratory for re-certification testing. 
Manufacturer's periodic testing to confirm continued compliance of certified product with the reference standard. 
Notification to SEI of any changes to the product or quality systems. 
Required actions to be assessed by SEI and notified to the manufacturer. 
Payment of the following fees:

- Surveillance audits

- Annual re-certification product testing

- Annual participation

- Annual per model certification

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