Below is a list of our current eye & face protection test equipment.  Each item may conform to one or more published standard.  For more details, please click on each title to view the specification sheet for that piece of equipment.

Full on-site engineering facilities enable us to adapt any of the items you see below to your own bespoke requirements - we can even design and manufacture you an entirely new rig.  Click here for more information.

If you require more information about our eye & face protection test equipment, please fill out an enquiry form.


  Ballistics test equipment Ignitability test equipment
  Calibration lenses Illuminated grid test equipment
  Dust test equipment Light diffusion equipment
  Falling sand test equipment Liquid droplets test equipment
  Frame robustness test equipment Molten metal splash test equipment
  Gas test equipment Polarizing axis test equipment
  Headforms - EMPU & ESPU Prismatic difference test equipment
  Headforms - EMREF & ESREF Telescope and target test equipment
  Headforms - summary
Ultra-violet radiation test equipment
  Hot solids penetration test equipment  

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