If you are a PPE manufacturer in the China/Asia Pacific region, we are pleased to inform you that we have three locations to serve you:

Testing Services department, Kunshan Laboratory, China;

The Certification Services department includes our offices in Shanghai, China and Taipei, Taiwan.

The specific functions of these two departments are described in detail on the Testing and Certification pages of this website.

Our staff in these locations are familiar with multiple languages and therefore, for geographical reasons, it may be convenient for you to contact them - not only because of the language, but also considering office hours.


We welcome this announcement by CNCA that an organisation acting in People’s Republic of China under the name


has been found to be working illegally.

This company has often been confused with our company

INSPEC International Ltd

to the potential detriment of our business and our clients.

Our company – and others within our group – do not offer ISO 9001 Management System certification within the People’s Republic of China.

We continue to offer our audit and sampling services, to support our clients in their supply of ‘CE’, ‘Wheelmark’, ‘IC Mark’ and SEI/NFPA/NOCSAE certified PPE to international markets.


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