How do I certify a product when there is no Designated / Harmonised Standard?

Where there is an absence of a Designated / Harmonised standard, the PPE models can undergo Type Examination against a Technical Specification put forward by the manufacturer.

INSPEC cannot offer advice or consultation in developing this Technical Specification, as a legal obligation of our Approved and Notified Body statuses – and through our Accreditation agreements.

We can state the basic procedural approach:

  • Inputs: What does the product intend to protect the user from and how do these hazards of the environment or activity present themselves, when understood through the Essential Health and Safety Requirements (EHSR) list?
  • Process: How does the product protect the user from those hazards and to what degree, and does the product present new hazards to the wearer and how are they minimised? Which EHSR do not apply, and which apply and how?
  • Outputs: Have the design requirements/restrictions, methods of evaluation, information/guidance been presented in a technical specification, which can be considered by a third party for compliance with the EHSR?

Once developed, this must then be reviewed by the Approved/Notified Body to ensure that the EHSRs of the relevant legal instrument are met.  If all this is satisfactory and the PPE models can be tested against the Technical Specification, then the process would continue in the normal way.


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