What should the UKCA mark look like?

What should the UKCA mark look like?

The UKCA mark consists of the logo “UKCA” in the form as shown below.


For category III products, the logo "UKCA" shall be followed by the identification number of the Approved Body involved in the production control phase (Reference Module C2 or D of the PPE Regulation).

 UKCA No Vert

  UKCA No Horiz

The “UKCA” must have the same vertical dimension, which shall be not less than 5 mm.  This minimum dimension may be waived for small items of PPE.

The Approved Body number must be clear and legible – we recommend vertical dimensions be not less than 2 mm.

The UKCA marking may be of any colour provided that it is clear and legible, and is not likely to be confused with any other marking.


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