MarED (96/98/EC)

For PPE used onboard ships, INSPEC offers certification against:

  • Module B, Type-examination
  • Module D, Quality assurance / Production control
  • Module E, Product control

The European Marine Equipment Directive - formally known as European Commission Directive 96/98 CE on Marine Equipment - implements the relevant International Maritime Organisation (IMO) Regulations related to marine equipment, through a single certification scheme based on design and production conformity assessments to be carried out by authorised third-parties - Notified Bodies.

Note that this Directive will be replaced by Directive 2014/90/EU on 18 September 2016.  However, certification requirements will be unaffected.

The main effects 
  • The European certification scheme substitutes the former multinational ones: a given type of equipment is to be granted a single Type-Approval certificate
  • The equipment manufacturer may choose the Notified Body and the production assessment module from among those authorised
  • Any additional national requirements will not apply
  • No other Council Directives will apply for ships (refer to paragraph 10 of the preamble)

In order not to confuse the certification of marine equipment with that covered by other Directives, equipment bears the Wheel mark, instead of the usual CE mark.  The equipment covered by the Directive, are those which are required to be type approved by the Internal Maritime Conventions.  

The types of equipment

These are listed in two Annexes:

  • Annex A1: equipment for which the regulations, codes and test standards are to be applied.
  • Annex A2: other equipment for which the specified regulations and test standards are to be developed prior to being listed in Annex A1: the former multinational certification schemes will continue to apply for this equipment.  

Only the types of equipment listed in Annex A1 are eligible for certification.  The reference to the approval status as per the International Maritime Convention(s) is made in column (3) or annex A1.   The specified regulations and test standards are stated in columns (4) and (5) of Annex A1.  

Conformity assessment modules  

The conformity assessment of marine equipment is to be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Council decision 93/465/EEC of 22.07.93 "concerning the modules for the various phases of the conformity assessment procedures and the rules for the affixing and use of the CE conformity making, which are intended to be used in the technical harmonised Directives".  Only the following combinations of Conformity Assessment modules are permitted - (B + D), (B + E), (B + F) and G.  The conformity assessment process is summarised in the table below.  


Module B Modules D / E
Product testing Assessment of quality manual
Product examination and review Assessment of test & inspection plan (1 plan per standard/ product specification)
Assessment of technical documents describing the product, materials and production methods On-site assessment of the quality system
Assessment of product marking, user instructions and operating manuals Annual assessments and reassessment every third year

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Directive 2014/90/EU on the 18th September 2016