INSPEC Certification Services was set up in 1991 in anticipation of the implementation within the UK of the European Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Directive.

The division has its main office in Salford, near Manchester, in the north of England, a Representative Office in Shanghai, China and a Branch Office in Taipei, Taiwan. The core business is to provide an independent third party certification service to manufacturers and distributors of PPE and other related products.

We are a Notified Body under the PPE Directive and can therefore process applications for CE Marking. We cover all types of PPE - from head to toe.  We are also notified against Module B (Type-examination), Module D (Quality assurance / Production control) and Module E (Product control) of the European Marine Equipment Directive for PPE to be used on board ships, as listed in Annex A of that Directive.
We have been operating in North America, in close cooperation with the Safety Equipment Institute (SEI), since 1999. The service, offered to manufacturers world-wide, is a product certification program covering a comprehensive range of PPE.
In addition to the above services, we also provide certification of Quality Management Systems against ISO 9001 and PPE product certification by way of our own IC Mark.

For manufacturers seeking certification against a combination of requirements - for example, any two or more of - CE mark / Wheelmark / SEI / ISO 9001 / PPE product certification - we can offer cost savings by avoiding duplication of effort and by combining site visits.

To ensure the highest level of integrity, impartiality and competence, together with absolute client confidence, our services have been accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) - the UK government's official independent third party accreditation authority. This is your guarantee that our service is independently scrutinised by regular assessment against ISO 17021 and ISO 17065, the international standards for conformity assessment of certification bodies.  Click here to go to our Accreditations page.

We use only officially recognized, independent laboratories for all testing performed in support of applications for certification.  We actively monitor and manage conflicts of interest and ensure that all certification activities are carried out objectively.

Products and processes covered within our ISO 9001 scope include all types of PPE, rubber and plastics products, leather and fabric products, eyewear, light engineering and other, similar operations.

As the only specialist PPE Notified Body in Europe, with such a comprehensive range of additional activities, we provide a unique portfolio of services. This is only one reason why we have been privileged to serve many of the world's major PPE manufacturers.

We hope you will join them as another satisfied customer!


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